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Blaine Baker

Thank You Janice and Hugo

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Hey gang,

Some of you may know me, others may not. I have been a member of the forum for a while and have spent more time reading and learning here than anything else, but I feel it's time for me to show some respect to the some people we're all familiar with in our community. My interest in steadicam was born the day Janice Arthur came in for "steadicam day" during a camera training class I was in at Columbia College Chicago right before I was to graduate in 2012. When I put Janice's rig on for the first time, I knew it was something I had to pursue (I've spent a life time doing different activities relative to hand eye coordination, from martial arts to playing instruments)


It's been almost 2 years now, I graduated and came up with a plan to save for a rig. Had to wait, couldn't get a loan, and even if I could how would I pay that, rent, bills AND student loans. I bugged Janice to let me know when her classes were, interest declined with other potential students and she was kind enough to teach me 1 on 1. Between her asking me to help at future classes, and me asking all the annoying questions she's heard a million times, she's somehow been willing to take me in as her student and coached me on everything from operating to business making. For her to do this, and to go so far as to even letting me rent her down converter for shoots, I couldn't thank her enough. Surely my respect and thanks don't go alone here on the forum, but I think it's a great story to bring to everyones attention. Thanks Janice.


My second big shout out goes to Hugo Langer. Of all the brands out there I could have bought an arm from, Steadyrig is the only one that has allowed me to lease gear, directly though them and on top of that, with no big hassle. I was planning on a big rig, but there were no big arms out there that fit my budget and I didn't really know what to do other than keep waiting and keep saving. Other than practicing at Janice's, I was not getting work (wasn't really looking for it though, as it's a bit of a hassle to live car free, rent a rig, go to a shoot and not make much profit because of your rental cost).


Hugo's arm came in October and have been on 4 jobs since (student and indie stuff, but still jobs for a newbie) everything from the C300 to my last gig with a BL3 and 1000' mag (and the arm performed flawlessly). Hugo, I have started to live the dream rather than chase it and could not thank you enough for that.


To everyone else who's sent me gear to build my first rig, to everyone who's been kind enough to share stories and answer questions, my thanks go out to you too. You've all helped me get where I am. The foundation has been laid out, time to build the house. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the help!



Blaine Baker

Chicago, IL

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Welcome Blaine! Great post and congrats! Keep plugging away. Most of us share that same moment. When you just know what you were meant to do.


Janice, thank you for always being a leader to several of us. You always respond, you always take the time to explain, no matter who the person is. You treat us with respect and you actually care.


Hugo, such a sweetheart. I've tested that Steadyrig arm. Beautiful piece of machinery. Great price.


Take care everyone :)

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First, I would like to thank Blaine and Jessica for their kind words.


Steadyrig has been moving forward. Thing's have been changing, and changing quite rapidly, much like the film/digital industry.


LONG TERM RENTAL was a good programme that Rig Engineering offered for sometime, but now in response to operators preferences to own rather than just rent, we have modified the programme and it has taken on a completely new shape. Thus it has evolved and now become what we have termed RENT-TO-OWN.


Like the name states, we now offer Silver Spring Arms for the renter to ultimately own, with the choice of one year, two year or three year agreements.


With several of our very happy operators using the programme, and mind you a couple of them choosing to settle early, sees the programme successful and moving into full flight.


Rigs can Fly.




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