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I've been building a series of prototypes over the past five years & we now hire the current dolly out. Mainly on features, dramas & music videos.


The vehicle is totally based around use with Steadicam & MK-V, either hard or soft mounted.


Step on & off is a breeze & the smooth motors make it a very safe piece of kit to use.


We rig around the Steadi Op & then the focus-puller.


We have our own Klassen for hard-mounting & rig the scaffolding to create better balance for different surfaces; camber on pavement etc.


DP, usually wants to hop on too & that is fine.


You can see a taste of our work on our website: www.flyka.tv


We are also hoping to take pre-bookings for our 23mph model through Kickstarter.


I'd appreciate feedback, but i can assure you that all that have used it, have really enjoyed it & created some lovely shots from it...we just need it to go faster, which we are in the process of doing.






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The length can vary, depending on if you want to be front mounted, rear mounted or both.


extended to its full length is just over 3.5m


Width is designed to fit through doorways at 27"


Obviously, you can fit the follow focus & sound recordists on etc...DP if required, so it holds the crew well.



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UPDATE! I am sad to say Tony who created the previous and current prototypes of FLYKA has passed away, but pleased to say FLYKA is still up and running beautifully.

His last model was everything he had planned for and worked hard to achieve over the years.

You can see it in action on www.flyka.tv.

We have used it on many film and tv projects this year, both on location and indoors.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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