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Klassen IBaird Pro vest low mode bracket...

Chris Allen

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Any Pro vest users purchase this bracket?


I'm 6' 2" and am considering this bracket to use not for just low mode, but as my regular block height...


Seeing as the Pro vest doesn't have any adjustment for block height besides lengthening the vest. Tired of having my right elbow always hitting the socket release pin on the arm, and doing the extra work of having the socket block higher on my torso.


Any thoughts?


Thank you,




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Hi Chris, I bought this piece couple years ago when I bought a pro vest. I'm 6' and had the same concern as you at the time. Since I'm goofy and WK didn't make a goofy version, I had to make some adjustment to the vest but never found the time. I have the piece lying around in the closet. You're more than welcome to try it out if you'd like.

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Klassen made me a goofy version. Jack changed the buckles on the vest to the other side so i had plenty of room for that ibaird, wich i LOVE btw.

Job, do you use the ibaird full time? Or only for when you need to lower the socket block. I'm interested to know if lowering the socket block affects the way the weight feels on your body/back.

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6'3" operator here.


My PRO-vest arrived the other day ( :D), luckily the ibaird came along with it. First tried the vest with the original bracket - the arm got way to high up, and I got tired of holding my elbow so high to avoid bumping it into the arm. Then put on the ibaird - perfect. I can now do both "low" and "normal" height shots, and my elbow is more free/relaxed. And as Job says, the weight is more on the hips, much better. For me it's a full time bracket.

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This is an old topic but I do have some questions about the ibaird. 

I have replaced my Pro vest with a WK backmounted vest due to the high socketblock and have been using that for a while. I find that the WK vest puts lots of pressure on my left groin squeezing a nerve and causing pain and fatigue in my left leg. I have tried different sizes and cut out some padding but the nerve still gets thoroughly squeezed.

So today I pulled out my Pro vest and find it so much more comfy and light weight. However, the socket block is way too high. I'm 6'4 and fairly skinny. So now I'm considering the ibaird but there is no place I can try it in Munich, Germany.

I would like to hear of your general experience and the weightdistribution.




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