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John E Fry

CP Master Green Screen 16:9 Ultra High Bright Monitor

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Hi all,


Reluctantly I am letting go of my wonderful Cinema Products Master Steadicam Greenscreen 6" Monitor. Apart from being one of the brightest, highest contrast, sharpest and most easily sunlight viewable monitors ever made, the unit being a CRT phosphor screen is relatively heavy on its own, which has proved extremely useful when you need to add extra weight to the bottom of the rig.


It works fine, as seen in the pictures, and comes with a universal mounting plate, illuminated level, and XLR / BNC to Lemo power / video cable. It has controls for vertical height, brightness and contrast, and is so bright I have had to use a hood with it indoors just to avoid it illuminating the talent's face!


The monitor is located Wiltshire UK. Very sad to see it go, but needs must.


Make me a (sensible) offer!







This is NOT an accurate representation of the quality of the picture, which is excellent, but to give you an idea of how bright the monitor is in compared to normal indoor lighting.


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