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Johnathan Holmes

Alexa Steadicam Plate for Sale $500

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Camera Positioning Systems, a Canadian machine shop specializing in Libra head and camera accessory manufacturing, has built a fantastic mounting plate for Arri Alexa cameras. This plate is CNC machined from aluminum and anodized black. The underside is hollowed out to save weight, while still maintaining structural integrity. The plate is designed to mount directly into a Pro sled (or similar). It features a slight cutout in the bevel (pictured) on one side which acts as a safety on Pro rigs preventing the plate and camera from sliding off if loosened too much.


This plate mounts directly into the Alexa camera body (no other plates required). It features a small captive brass button that slides into the cleat at the back of the camera to increase rigidity and reduce flexing of the camera fore and aft. Both the brass button and the mounting block at the front can be adjusted left to right in unison and locked in position to fine tune side-to-side positioning of the camera on the sled. This is crucial to dynamic balance and provides fast repeatable results for every build. Convenient captive screws mount into the camera body and are tightened with the handy 5/32" T Handle used for everything else on the Pro sled.


These are 3D CAD designed and built in Canada. Camera Positioning Systems have been designing and manufacturing custom remote heads, accessories, plates, and brackets for many years now. Similar plates go for at least $650.


If interested, please check out the online store for Camera Positioning Systems at http://www.cameragak.com where you can place an order. There are many other great and handy brackets and plates for sale there too.








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