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Custom Zephyr Gimbal Wrap Grip

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Thanks for all the kind feedback, have lots of fun and great shots with it! :)


As promised, a few photos of the final version with 2.2" diameter. I've also included one showing it from below, showing that it doesn't interfere with the gimbal clamp or anything and is rounded off to look and feel good.





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Hey Ariel,




Standard version is ready to ship, can be on its way today.

Version with your name can ship Monday.


Let me know and I'll get it ready =)

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Seeing how similar the Pilot and Zephyr are, will this wrap also fit the Pilot?



The Pilot does not have a Gimbal handle, so the wrap made for the Zephyr will not work with the Pilot as-is.

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Hey Herman and Alan,


a handle for the pilot is actually in the making. I got a pilot in specifically for that purpose last week and the second protorype exists now. Stay tuned, first infos should be released this week =)

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I used to TA a steadicam class at Temple. I'll bring it up to the professors. We have about 12 pilots for the students to use, and a zephyr. since their all beginners/non operators this would probably help them get the feel for the rigs a lot quicker. hopefully theres room in the class budget to pick some of these up.

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Folks, let me chime in here and say, once again, that this gimbal wrap grip is a no-brainer in terms of investments to improve your rig. I'm using it every day on a live TV show, and it's remarkable how much subtlety it adds, having more torque available on the center post.


Buy it! You'll be glad you did.

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Wow, a fantastic project, Frederic! I've tried the Zephyr as an "ultralight" alternative to the "standard" rigs, and the Zephyr grip was definitely an annoyance (well, pretty much everything was an annoyance, except the bearings of the gimbal, which are great).


What kind of 3D printer do you use for it in Munich?

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Happy 2016 and thanks for all your continued orders! :)


To make ordering easier, you can now order these from a little Paypal-Store I put together:




Of course you can still pay by regular invoice and order them by PM or Email.

Please send any question you may have anytime.



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