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WK Flex Vest $3,750 New York City

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Hey Guys,


I bought this vest because I thought I would be making a career switch. I bought the vest from Robin Smith from Canada paid around 4,000 and 200 to get it into the US. I used this vest for the week long steadicam class and that's all. I really love steadicam, but it is not for me at this time.


It does have the drop down arm for goofy operators which is limiting for regular guys because it can only be mounted goofy. The drop down arm enables your low mode to be even lower. I spoke with Jennifer Platz from Klassen about switching to a straight arm and for me she offered return of this arm and a new straight for the fee of 700$ I didn't go for this because I am goofy and I don't really need it. I can't guarantee Klassen would offer the same price or deal, but that is what I was offered.


Some info from WK:


The general rule of thumb for our harnesses is that operators can share vests if they’re within 2 inches and 15lbs of each other. The further away you get from that the more likely it’s not a good fit. Robin is 6’1 and 185lbs.


The flex is much lighter than a regular WK vest. It is impressive if you are used to a regular WK.


Robin said he only used it for 24 days and ended up being happier front mounted. Everyone has their prefs.


Pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pcecilian/12511358484/in/set-72157640945292575


The price of 3,750 is firm.


If anyone is wondering about me because I don't ever really post here. I am a 600 DIT here in NY and have worked with many of the people on the board.


Email is best for contacting me patrick.cecilian@gmail.com


Thanks for looking.


Patrick Cecilian

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