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PRO Gimbal VS. XCS...

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Good Morning Everyone   Although we here at PRO have many pressing things happening today and the rest of the week, I will respond to this in order to clear up an absolute mess. I do not wish to di

Are you genuinely saying that PRO and XCS changing bearing suppliers circa 2005 could have made enough of a difference to the coefficient of friction to have made a noticeable improvement of usability


I've been very happy with my XCS gimbal, very smooth and solid. I like the ergo handle too, very comfortable. I've never been a fan of those clamp lever locks on things either, so the kipp handle on the XCS suits me fine, half a turn between loose and locked (I know you can get the PRO with a kipp lock too now)


I love the PRO stuff, but I think the XCS gimbal is machined to a greater accuracy. The PRO I believe is centred to around 4 ish seconds on a 180 degree static test. I've seen some better, and some worse. The XCS is centred to neutral by default.


If you want to take a look at mine Tom, then give me a shout.




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It makes sense Eric, but I shall clarify.


When the gimbal is assembled and tested it holds balance with a 4 second drop when statically balanced and then rotated 180 degrees. If once rotated 180 degrees the static balance is no longer achieved, then the gimbal does not pass as it not centred to within that manufacturers tolerance.


I was informed that the PRO was assembled to the tolerance of at least 4 second drop time.


Tiffen gimbals used to be aligned to a minimum of 3 seconds (although you can now use the blue whale tool to fine tune)


MK-V gimbals also used to be to 3 seconds (this was years ago)


If yours held for longer then that was great, but by luck.


I understand from Greg that the XCS gimbal is built to hold centre to a neutral drop time, and when rotated 180 static balance should still be achieved.


Happy to be corrected by Jack if things have changed.




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Both are amazing gimbals. A few points:


1) The type of lubricant in the gimbal will change the feel. I believe, out of the box, XCS uses a slightly thicker one (and thus the PRO gimbal may "feel" faster to some). The type of lubricent is not a mandate! Use thicker if you want that feel, use thinner if you want that feel. Hell, some people use none because they like that feel (warning, this might shorten the life of your bearings).


2) The XCS Gimbal is native 2", but you can get a sleeve for it that fits a 1.5" post (or one that fits a 1.58"). If you change post sizes, you can just change the sleeve instead of buying a new gimbal.


3) You will be happy with either gimbal


4) Boobs

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Thanks for your comments.


Rick - i would love to try yours.. what are you up to next week? Will give you a call.



Eric, I think i need to do some more research before i buy an XCS instead of my PRO... But thanks very much for your time.




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Besides the bearings that seems to be of identical top quality. I wonder what are the pros and cons in terms of shape. How is the ergo handle behaving and what benefit does it brings you. Is there any issues with having an adapting sleeve under a larger gimbal to fit your post.

I never touched any of the two gimbals and am just asking out of curiosity.

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go to the www.xcsinc.com site and look under gimbal, it explains itself....


for me, the main difference between the two, I've owned both, is that the XCS gimbal is beefier, if you put the two next to each other, you will see what I mean. The only other gimbal that is close to that load capacity is the new 1.8" Artemis ACT2 gimbal, specifically engineered for high loads (120lbs), like 3D rigs...


Having said that, all 3 gimbals are great and I love the simplicity and serviceability...and customer service






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