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Transvideo 2000 NITS monitor

Marianne Exbrayat

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of Transvideo 6" Evolution3 X-SBL Enhanced monitor in our California office.


The 6" Cinemonitor HD/SD Xtremely bright monitor is the brightest monitor available today with a backlight output of 2000 NITS. Of course it displays all HD standards.

Transvideo anti-glare optical enhancement technology further reduces reflections and enhances contrast.

The monitor can be set in 2 operating modes either for outdoor or indoor viewing. In Xtreme Bright mode, details in both the dark areas and highlights are maintained even in full sun without hood.

Even when set in Xtreme bright mode, the power consumption remains very low (1.6Amp @ 12v).

The basic price of the 6" CinemonitorHD X-SBL Evolution includes the Virtual Horizon2.

The Virtual Horizon2 is the only electronic horizon featuring inertia/acceleration compensation and shock analyser. The sensitivity and direction are adjustable with 6 available renditions. The display can be moved anywhere on the screen. Inertia/shock compensation can be turned off.

Transvideo new Cal-On-Tap is the fastest short-cut to zero calibrate the Horizon: once your rig is set, just tap on the screen or on the Transvideo logo. Cal-On-Tap can be turned off by the user.

A complete family of Yokes, Bridges and Rods systems is available to fit most rigs.

Contact us for a professional and friendly service!

Marianne & Noel

Tel: 818 985 4903



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There are also 2 different external level sensors available to work with this monitor.






http://www.betz-tools.com/en/monitor_electronic-bubble.php ( this one does not utilize the gyro compensation, but works with every Cinemonitor HD that has the "Avenger" leveler software enabled)



I've seen the regular "superbright 1000nits" and the X-SBL side by side, it's a big difference, definitely worth the extra money.

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I own this monitor and it is absolutely fantastic. I haven't bothered with an external sensor yet and not certain I need it. Tap to Cal is nonesense, turn that off immediately unless you want your grip re-calibrating your monitor whilst he's catching your rig. I've grown up with a Marrell and an XCS bubble (weirdly preferring the reactivity of the Marrell) and I am not sure I can be bothered to get an external bubble to this one. Its a good bubble.


Brightness, well its very bright. Menu's well they are very simple, picture is smaller than other monitors out there because its over a 4:3 screen but its perfect for my little eyes to scan across in one go. I was a big fan of a little shrinking on my TB6.


I use this monitor tabled with the matrix as standard. I currently have the Cinetronic on my AR rig and the Transvideo on my regular Sled. I use the standard Transvideo yoke inverted.


I put a bit of gaffer tape over the buttons in the rain and I let the monitor get wet.

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I have two of these monitors now and they are fantastic.


Reliable, and incredibly well built.


I haven't had any issues seeing anything in sunlight. It's a really big difference from the 1000nit version, which was fine indoors but suffered outdoors.


Anything you put into it it works, and I've never had any problems with performance. It's also a great weight.


The gyro compensated level is also very smooth and accurate.


Customer service has been excellent, Jacques and his team are brilliantly quick and very helpful.


As Thomas says, a bit of gaffer over the front panel for those torrential rain sequences but otherwise you are fine.


Jacques also wrote an update with a two button push to calibrate on the front panel. Saves you going through the menus.


Great monitors.



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Of course the Cal-on-tap can be easily turned-off, so can the inertia compensation and shock analyzer.

The idea is to provide the tools we are asked for, but also to allow Operators to turn them off at will.

So you can use the Horizon2 with or without the "gyro", with or without Cal-on-Tap, with internal sensor or with external sensor.

Or you can turn the Horizon off.



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