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New Zephyr HD Monitor Yoke

Frederic Sturm

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Some have already seen this posted more or less accidentaly in another thread - but now it's battle-tested and ready to be shown ;)


This is a new Monitor Yoke for the Zephyr HD Marshall Monitor, but will of course fit all 7" Marshalls with the similar design.



As you can see in the photos your Monitor will tilt on it's cg without affecting balance with this bracket.

Also it gives you a much wider range of configuration options, further out, closer in, higher up, ...

Switching to low-mode is a breeze - no unscrewing and remounting anything, you don't even need to flip the image on the monitor!

It comes with all necessary screws and fits right onto the Zephyr rods, so it frees up the original monitor mount as an accessory mount.


It is made from very stable, durable and lightweight ABS, and saves you about 75g of weight versus the original mount, most of that coming
from the mounting plate on the rear of the monitor you can remove, which in turn also helps with better heat dissipation from the monitor.
Rosettes make the positioning rock-solid, no vibrations or slippage.


All you need in addition -if you dont have them- is two Marshall mount adapters to 1/4" screws, which you can order from marshall or directly
with the bracket.



You can order a complete Yoke for


USD 150 / EUR 110 plus shipping (plus VAT if you're in Germany).

USD 15 / EUR 10 gets your name embossed on it (will look like the "Sky Magic" logo that's on it in the pictures).


USD 27 / EUR 20 for 2 Marshall 1/4" Adapters including screws
(this is the same price I pay for it, just that I offer them in a pack of the 2 you need, rather than only 3-packs for EUR 30 that Marshall offers)

DHL traceable shipping to US: USD 25,-
Europe: EUR 15,-
Germany: EUR 5,-

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer.



Oh, in case you wondered, the Zephyr in the pictures also has the 2.2" Gimbal Wrap Grip made from the same material installed -
for some feedback of how people that have it like it, please look here: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=19778 :)



Looking forward to your feedback!













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Hi Frederic,


I'm wondering if this kit would work on the Pilot too? It should make switching to low mode a whole lot easier assuming the current Pilot HD monitor cg is also in line with it's centre 1/4" mounting holes. I've looked around for a monitor yoke I could adapt and came across your post here, which looks like the perfect thing.


The monitor I currently have has the new 7" SWIT S-1071HS monitor Tiffen are now shipping with the Pilot HD and in the future I might want to mount a Convergent Design Odyssey7Q to use with our Sony NEX-FS700 camera for the recording options it provides.


The Marshall size appears to be:


By comparison:

192×139×47mm - Swit

200x155x25mm - Odyssey7Q


Would it be possible to adjust or adapt this to mount 139mm and 155mm widths (and switch between them as necessary)?


It'd be a good investment for the long term too, because ultimately I'd love to upgrade to a Zephyr at some point and would still be wanting this feature.


Best wishes,



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Hi Jamie,


The base on the pilot is very similar, and for the purpose of mounting this, the same, so yes it does fit the pilot! And you are absolutely right, all the advantages it has on the Zephyr will transfer right to the pilot, and even more, it weights next to nothing, so it's well suited for the Pilot.


Also, I am happy to adjust it to your monitor of course, I will look at the swit and the oddysey and get back to you via message next week. The real difference will be yokes for the different widths, so for 200mm or 192 (while I think that 8mm could easily be bridged by some kind of washers actually, so that should be no problem at all). Both monitors you mention already have 1/4" mounting holes right where you'll need them for this, so thats awesome!


The yoke is currently tested and some final refinements are made with the help of a few people that are using it so far (thanks so much guys!!), and will be fully ready as a final product soon!


Actually, talking about the pilot, I will have a pilot in soon to work on a gimbal wrap grip like the one for the Zephyr, too. I think will be an even better upgrade for the pilot, as that has no grip whatsoever =)


All the best


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Thank you Frederic, that all sounds very promising and I look forward to hearing more in due course! :)


If there's an easy way to size one yoke for different monitors just by adding or removing a washer on each side, that'd be a good solution for many people I imagine.


And yes, a grip for the Pilot would be fantastic because it's not an ideal size tube for the operating hand to properly wrap around (at least it feels that way to me).


If you do make a grip for the Pilot, how would you make it easily adjustable given there's no existing grip as part of the gimbal? Perhaps that could be solved simply by using the same sized allen style screws that the gimbal uses so you can use just one T-handle allen wrench to adjust the lot very quickly.


And weirdly it could give the Pilot a possible advantage in low mode because you could relatively easily switch sides with such a grip if you really wanted to! ;)


Wishing you a great weekend!



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GIad you like the idea, I had a pilot for a long time and never liked the tiny diameter.


Actually I have planned a sort of friction knob to make adjustment even quicker and easier, after all it only need to hold the grip tight, not the weight of the sled as the gimbal has its own lock. But yes I had thought about the same size allen as kind of a last resort if my other idea doesn't work i.e. gets too much in the way of your hand. I'll keep you posted, but please have a little patience, my pilot needs to make it's way from the U.S. to me first ;)


Have a great weekend Jamie and everybody!

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I ordered this monitor yoke and the Pilot gimbal grip for my Steadicam Pilot and both are brilliant upgrades for the Pilot.


The grip is fantastic, I'd say essential for the Pilot, I love it! The difference is night and day better.

The monitor yoke gives so much more flexibility in the position of the monitor, which makes it much easier to get it somewhere you can actually see it and still balance the rig, plus the more obvious advantages of changes of monitor position without upsetting the rig balance and easy switches to low mode.


Our logo is also embossed on both parts, which is a really nice touch, they're quite subtle, not too showy, which I like, but it's still clear who the rig belongs to. :)

I've posted a photo set to my Flickr account for anyone who wants to see what they look like fitted in some detail:



It's also worth mentioning that Frederic is very personable, helpful and easy to communicate with!


Cheers Frederic!

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My pleasure Frederic, thanks for some great products! :)


I just posted about the Pilot Gimbal Grip in a bit more detail here too:



And I should have also mentioned so people know this is possible, that you made the monitor yoke custom fitting so that it will work both with the Swit monitor that came with my Steadicam Pilot HD and also my eventual planned purchase of a Convergent Design Odyssey7Q.

Edited by Jamie Rhodes-Simpson
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I'd like to add my positive comments to those above about Frederic's fine work on the Zephyr accessories. I purchased both the monitor yoke and the gimbal grip, and they're great additions to the rig. The yoke is particularly helpful for speeding up the process of going from normal mode to low mode. Indeed he's a fine person to communicate and do business with. Thanks again Frederic!

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