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Nikon SB800 flash - 200

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in case any body is shooting some stills out there, i am getting rid of a few items, starting with this Nikon SB800 flash.


craigslist posting:

hey yall

i have a Nikon SB800 flash here, negotiable price, $200.
I used it seriously only twice, maybe once. Since then I have tested it here and there. I just put in some fresh batteries and it flashes away without a problem.

I have the soft case (not pictured), two gels, diffusion cap, and foot mount with 1/4-20 threads for mounting remotely, and extra-battery attachment.

I am happy for you to come take a look and test it on your camera. I no longer have any digital cameras on which to test it, maybe not even a Nikon, so youll have to bring your own. Only notable issue is some corrosion on one battery contact.

The price is negotiable. I am also willing to trade for other analog photo equipment (not lighting), steadicam accessories, macbook pro accessories, sportster or sv650 parts, or somethin else. be creative!





have a good one!


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