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Choose between Steadicam Scout and Zephyr

Lau Ho Ming

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Hi everyone.


I'm planning to buy a Steadicam system for use with my Sony F5 camera.


I was considering the Scout. Since it has decent payload of around 8KG and BH is selling the HD version for USD$5500. The 7" HD SDI is really nice bonus.

But it seems not very popular on this forum. People usually go for Pilot and then Zephyr.

Zephyr seems like a really nice system. The 11KG payload is nice and the vest looks much better. And the tool-less gimbal adjustment is really convenient.

But it is almost double the price of Scout. BH is selling it for USD9xxx.


I just weighted the F5. The body+lens+baseplate+mattebox+focus motor+receiver should be around 6-7KG.

And I don't think I will be flying with Arri Alexa or any other camera much heavier than the F5 or Epic.


Do you think the Zephyr worth USD4000 more than the scout?

Or I will be happy with the Scout?





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I'm a happy Zephyr owner and I don't think you'll be happy with anything smaller if you plan to fly a Red Epic or Scarlet. Don't forget the accessories you need to count the wireless focus motor and receiver plus wireless video and whatever light the Dp want you to have on. Plus Red Epic is better with a battery on it's back for balance so all this brings the payload up. The zephyr is a solid first rig to work with. And yes the best is much more comfortable.

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I agree with Victor. You will be happier with the Zephyr.


If you can find a used one, that is a good option too.


We are getting rid of our Zephyr as we moved to a PRO rig.


It is for sale if you are interested.


However, my opinion would be the same even if I didn't have a rig I was selling.




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I use a scout quite often and it is a good rig for lighter camera loads. I will say that I very quickly hit the limits of the arm/gimbal and wished I had a Zephyr. If you can afford it, go with the Zephyr so you don't out grow the Scout. Plus you can add weight to any rig if you need to, you can't always take it away from a heavy camera. Extra weight is extra inertia which never hurts, especially with the smaller rigs.

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Hi Ming,

last year was a group buy of the actionproducts "Raptor". Now, some people sell their gear again. Have a look over at reducer.net

here is one seller: http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?114376-Action-Product-Raptor&highlight=raptor

This is a incredible great rig at a very low price. It´s modular and works until 35lbs.

I work with it and I love it.



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