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Steadicam Survey.

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Hi everybody,

I have been visiting here for a few weeks but this is my first post :)

I'm doing a college project regarding steadicams and I have created quick survey could I ask for your help to fill it out

here is the link.


it should only take a moment as they are relatively simple questions and you don't need to give out your name or e-mail or any of that private stuff ;)


thanks for the help guys and gals.

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Hi lob4star;


You have to use your real name and give us something about you or your project or no one or hardly anyone will ever fill out your survey.


You'd be better contacting an operator around you for most of your information about Steadicam.


Good Luck but honestly if we do all the clicking away to supply you the info I don't think you'll be doing most of the work.


I do wish you well in your career, not being mean honestly.



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thanks for the reply (trying to change the user name now).

I appreciate that people are likely not to answer the questions just because i'm in new (i know how these thinks work, but if you don't ask).


I'm an engineering student and we have to create a project for a unit on the course. I have an recently started to get into filming weddings so that go me thinking of a project related to camcorders and as I have just brought an entry level steadicam so I was thinking of doing a project on steadicams. of course with the fact that I'm a little bit of a novice I wanted to get some opinions of the experts.

I don't really know what the project will be about yet i just want to talk to people get a feel and then see what jumps out at me.

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The survey answers would be a great way for a new manufacturer to acquire info, pros and cons of different systems, etc.. before starting to build something.

BUT.... being that every human being is different in some way or another there are going to be folks who are feverishly defendant of one particular brand or another, so an exact answer would not bet acquired.

There are Major Manufacturers and Smaller Manufacturers, some of the small ones make products that outperform all the others,( in some folks opinions) and some of the bigger ones make better known systems. I love competition!


Good luck on your search. And if your in a bind, reach out to a Moderator to help you with your name change.

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