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Tiffen Steadicam M1 modular

Jens Piotrowski SOC

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It's not much of a point I'm making, but it's a point non the less...


Surely you are inclined to grip the gimbal the closest to the pan bearing as possible when lifting it. The lower your hands go the more uncomfortable and top heavy it becomes, so even when pulling it off the balancing pin you'd have to then shuffle your hands down away from the bearing to make room to dock it, and if the handle was facing away toward the dock at this point and not towards you then you'd have to move the handle around so the yoke wouldn't foul on the dock.

If a grip has one hand under the base and then one had on the gimbal grip at this point then I maintain they will need to materialise an additional appendage to do this...



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It will, the lower electronics box has a cheeseplate built in at the bottom for battery plates, gyros, brackets, stuffed animals, espresso machines, enriched uranium (ultimate counterweight and power solution for heavy powerhungry cameras), anything that has a 3/8" or 1/4" thread

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Diameter of main post that holds gimbal is a bit bigger than the U2's.


I'm not a Tiffen hater by any means but why can't they just settle on a post size? Perhaps one of the standard sizes that many other manufacturers use. Especially on a rig that is being touted as Modular?



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