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FOR SALE: Betz-Tools Rig, Pro-Arm, Transvideo HD, lots of acc. - separate or complete

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I am selling my system. You can buy the parts separate or as a complete set for a special bundle price!


The stuff is first hand, in very good condition and based in Munich, Germany. I am selling in Euro, please check the conversion rate!


SLED: Betz-Tools Rig updated to HD - asking for 17,500 € (new price over all: 25,000 €)


Camera Mounting Platform (Stage)
Self-locking “Quicklock“ dovetail-clamping with safety mechanism. Fore/aft and side-to-side fine-adjustment on both sides. Standard 15 mm accessory rods.

Junction Box
Standard Lemo/BNC connectors for power, tally ,HD-SDI and analog video (customized wiring available). Colourcoded power outlets for safe and easy connection. A built in red line laser allows easy adjustment for the RIG-post upper to lower base. The laser marking line on the floor is also very useful for the focuspuller.

Post dia 1,86“ (50 mm)
The 4x telescopic post can be quickly extended from
29“ (75cm) to 69“ (175cm). Permits lens hights from floor to ceiling. Specially designed in-post wiring for HD-SDI, analog video, power, and other functions, customized wiring on request. Safety post clamps. No-tools handling.

Frictionless self-centring gimbal with integral handgrip and
no-tools adjustment. Stainless-steel bearings.

incl. lots of Cables (Arri 24V, XLR 12V, Red, XLR 24V, 2xTansvideo Monitor, Canon-Fujinon Adaptor, div. lens control systems)

incl. Mounting Bracket and post for dockstand

incl. Hill Monitor Bracket

incl. D-Bracket with short and long post

incl. 3 x power jumpers

incl. Catgriller - adapter bracket for dovetail to other mounting brackets

incl. universal Low-Mode Cage

incl. aluminium box

incl. 2 x PAG V4-iPC Intelligent Parallel Charger with 6 Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries (V-Mount) - FlySafe

GPI Pro-Arm Titan with 4 blue Canisters and 2 black Canisters - asking for 12,000 €


Supports weights from: 13,2lb (6 kg) - 72lb (32,6 kg)
Arm deadweight: 7,5lb (3,4 kg)
Boom range: 23,6" (60 cm)


Transvideo HD Monitor 6" Superbright SBL - asking for 1,800 €


SBL ”Superbright” 1000nit contr. 600:1, Optimised viewing angle (80° / 60°)
Waveform,Vectorscope, Peaking, Horizontal and Vertikal or auto Picture mirror, Zoom-, Picture-shift functions ”Safe area” Marker and Frameline, electronic-Bubble,Tally, "Focushelper" No noisy fan, Splashproofed.

incl. external XLR V-Mount Battery Bracket

post-7519-0-00779600-1397843312_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-26434700-1397842552_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-91803800-1397843313_thumb.jpg

post-7519-0-15697800-1397843383_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-88716800-1397843415_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-70307600-1397843427_thumb.jpg

post-7519-0-47371500-1397843391_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-41965100-1397842545_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-35722600-1397843439_thumb.jpg

post-7519-0-80169600-1397842796_thumb.png post-7519-0-45172400-1397843476_thumb.jpg post-7519-0-43104300-1397842542_thumb.png


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