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Tiffen J bracket for Pro arm?

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hey yall

i am about to fly out for a gig and use a few bits of another operator's gear.

i have a pro atlas arm and will be using a low mode J bracket by Tiffen that is typically used on the other op's Ultra 2. as i understand the diameter for the atlas arm is about .625". does anyone know the diameter of the current tiffen posts for low mode brackets? on their website it says .625" but i know that they have a few different sizes, so i want to be sure i am looking out for the correct size.


I am scrambling to get my gear and myself outta the house since this gig just popped up an hour ago and i have to be at the airport in an hour so i havent done any math on the post diameters, etc.


thanks yall



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The Tiffen F bracket comes with an adapter bushing for a Pro-sized arm post (.625 diameter post). Whether it's still in the kit is another thing altogether....

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Thanks Jerry!

The other operator and I will get a chance to fly together this week so Ill get to test a bunch of his accessories with my sled and vice versa. I appreciate the feedback regarding the bracket.



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