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I got a chance to check this out a little at NAB. Seems pretty cool, but it wasn't working 100% at the time. It actually looks like the same concept as the Lynn Axis. Looks like it has a Steadicam Dovetail built in for roll axis correction, and it has industry standard connections.



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Hi Christopher,

I had one. Above video was my configuration (not with the same steadicam). It was working like in the video above as long I didn´t walk a bit faster then he walks in this video. Once I walked, it started to vibrate and bump in the vertical axis. Could not use it.

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Same issue as Marc. I had it set up with a C300 with a 16-35mm and a FS700 with a 24-105. Walking slow was fine, but any quicker walk would cause an unusable about of vibration. I sent it back and had it upgraded with a stronger dual clamping bracket, but the problem still occurred. I suspect its from a slight play in the motor.

On the plus side, It was awesome to use outside in the wind. The rig would get knocked around a bit and the horizon stayed locked.


Luckily Letus is a smaller company so I have been able to talk on the phone with engineers and owner to troubleshoot and refine the product. Their customer service is amazing so I'm planning on working with them to find a solution.

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