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PRO vs MK-V gimbal


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Oh and excuse me, whats wrong with the Tiffen Ultra style ? Absolutely brilliant.



The Ultra post size is larger than 1.5" so you can't use it on a rig that is currently set up to use a 3a gimbal. The other gimbals mentioned come in 1.5" (and others). I use the XCS and love it.

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Some of you may have heard of the ACME Gimbal, which is produced and sold by Missing Something? Technologies, and was hobbled by a redesigned clamp mechanism.


These hurdles have been overcome and the ACME Gimbals are now back in service for their owners, my self included.


Our ACME Gimbal fits on 1.5" posts as well as Tiffen's 1.580" posts.


Just think, a Gimbal with a bearing unequaled in the field, no-tools clamping just beneath the bearing to allow precise axis intersection, one diameter hand grip, interchangable handles to accept the XCS Ergo handle and price that can't be beat.


Drop me a line to inquire. Either email at firebrand@fmis.net or call 603-826-3445 9-9 EDT.




Brant Fagan, SOC


PS I will post pictures in the next posting!

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Anybody out there using one of these ACME gimbals yet? Opinions?


Brett "shopping for new gimbal" Manyluk

:) :) Hey Brett, I just replaced my MKV Evolution gimbal for a brand new V2 MKV gimbal. It's brilliant and flawless. Never had anything so stable with anything on the arm (a 3A by the way). Highly recommened. P.S., have never had anything but MKV, so can't speak for the others. Cheers, Layton.

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The PRO and the ACME Gimbal where developed because people where not happy with the 3A. It has been outdated for quite some time now, there are still guys using it and it made for some very good use in the 20 plus years it was/is in service.


The XCS Ultimate Gimbal was based on the PRO Gimbal with at that time not available tolless features and the bigger bearing and 2 inch post diameter. But with the VZ Gimbal in the mix it's a very close call (unless you prefere the 2 inch or the 1.5 inch post).


The MK-V V2 Gimbal resulted from the effort to incorporate the Alien design (which was based on a XCS Ultimate sled) into the Alien Revolution.


Having owned a 3A, PRO and now an Ultimate Gimbal (2) I'm very happy with my current Gimbal. As for the comparison the V2 and the XCS are virtually identical... I like the XCS better and it's cheaper... (And the costumer service from XCS is second to none.)


I would suggest to try all of them usually you can get a lowner (XCS) or ask the many that own a PRO and put it on your rig and try it for a while... everybody has a personal taste and anybody that claims that theres is the best, has an alternative motive...



Check list:

Your Location

Your budget

Your requirements

Your Post size


Happy shopping.



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Let's get some facts straight.


The PRO Gimbal was designed and manufactured by GPI back in the 1990's. I purchased one back in 1996 when I started on a feature in Ethiopia and loved its performance compared to any other unit I had experienced. I still own it.


The ACME Gimbal was designed by myself and manufactured starting back in 2001.


The ACME Gimbal was designed to replace any Gimbal on a 1.5 or 1.580 post with a precision bearing not found in any other gimbal on the planet. Our no tools feature is unlike any other unit in the fact that our handle is one smooth diameter with no obstructions such as a clamp screw handle.


If people are interested, we can arrange a demo for folks with a 1.5 or 1.580 post.


This is not your brother's used bicycle wheel bearing!


Must run, back to the family function (Sunday dinner here in New England.)




Brant S. Fagan, SOC

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Hi Brant,


Was good chatting with you on the phone.


Sorry for the misquote...


Of course people will misunderstand... as they always do... when I was refering to "outdated", I meant the 3 and 3A Gimbal (Some of them don't even have a captured Bearing... do I hear diaper???) which was put in serivce in 1983 when Cinema Products when from the 1 inch centerpost diameter, from the model 2, to the 1.5 inch post for the model 3.

(Little Horror Story, The 3 gimbal I had briefly hadn't been opened or serviced in 13 years... so when they finally opened it the hole bearing fell out and turned to dust. Still worked though... before they opend it, I mean...)


The PRO Gimbal was introduced in June of 1994 as a result to the refusal from CP to sell Gimbals to GPI (CP was not selling individual parts, whole rigs only) as well as the move by CP to the bigger diameter Gimbal (1.58 on the Master) to dry out GPI's resource...

The Cup and Bearing are basically the same since day one, but the handle, the intigrated grip and the tooless approche where updates over the years.


Dozens of years of servicing and rebuilding all kinds of Gimbals lead Brant Fagan to develope and build his own (as said in 2001 and the newest design in the bunch), the ACME Gimbal. I haven't had the pleasure to try it yet... (But Knowing how much he knows about them...) I hope soon.


Also, as a form believer in the 2 inch design (I owned the first 2 inch PRO conversion and got my own 2 inch Gorelock designed and build which led to the design of the now standard Gorelock2 by Jerry Hill) I'm very happy to hear that there are plans for a 2 inch ACME version and I will be sure to be one of the first to try it on my rig as soon as available...


But again:

Try as much and many as you can and find what suit you best... in feel, in price, Costumer service, etc.


It's your cash...It has to work for you and only for you... don't let anybody tell tou what to buy.

(I could fill a page with stuff you shouldn't buy... but you'll find out by yourself very fast.)


Fly safe.

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Hi Erwin



"The MK-V V2 Gimbal resulted from the effort to incorporate the Alien design (which was based on a XCS Ultimate sled) into the Alien Revolution."


Thats a good one - made me laff. - sorry mate not even close or in the same ball park.

The MK-V V2 was the evolution of the MK-V V1 gimbal and the V1 was the evolution of the tools free Mk3/3a (EFP) and PRO gimbal upgrades (which we still do)


The MK-V V2 was the result in finding a gimbal that could spin end over end and side over side without clicks and pops for the AR. It is 100% MK-V.


(and for the record the XCS gimbal is good for the AR too)


take care


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