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Steadicam Scout issue.

Lau Ho Ming

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Hi everyone,


I bought a used Scout last month and start practicing the steadicam.

However I noticed that when I'm doing drop time test. Like tilting it up to 90 degree and drop it down.

When the sled go pass 0 degree(complete verticle) I can fee lt "vibrate". I'm not sure where does this come from. It feels like it is from the gimbal grip rather than the sled post or stage.

I checked everything is tight and no loose part.

I'm not sure if it will affect the image.

Have anyone experience similar problem?

Should I return it to the seller?




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When you say "vibrate", what exactly is it doing? Does it also do that without a camera, let's say if there was a steel block attached to the top stage instead of weight? It could be your Gak shifting around.


Do you have any friction when you spin balance the rig? The gimbal could be over-tightened.

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Yes. A "click" is a more appropriate description. I believe it is coming from the bearing of the gimbal arm. But I cannot confirm it.

If I hold the whole sled and tilt up 90 degree and tilt down 90 degree. There's no click. Suggesting there's no loose part on the sled.

When I put the rig on the dock balancing "stud" and tilt up 90 degree and drop. There's a "click" when it drop pass verticle position.

But all the bearing are silky smooth and there are absolution no friction.

So I don't know where the click come from and I can't solve the problem.

Although I believe the minor "click" didn't affect the image at all.

I try to tilt the rig and shoot at 200fps slow motion. Still can't see any effects on the image from that "click"

But still I feel bad and want to solve it because obviously there supposed to be no click at all.

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It could be a gap between the fort of the gimbal and the pan bearing. try to see if you can move your gimbal in any direction to reproduce the sound.

try balancing the rig facing one side, then facing the other side, is it still balanced? My sled was making that sound when it needed some gimbal adjustment.

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Hi Ming,


I use the Scout basically everyday and faced this issue once.


As Shawn Wang suggested


you mean "click" ? track it down and tighten , simple as that.


I loosened the allen screw, moved the post a down and then tightened it and the "click" disappeared.


Let us know how it goes ;)



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The top cap on the gimbal itself has worked slightly loose.


Hold the gimbal handle and turn the top cap.


It will likely turn tighter slightly. Finger tighten it as best as you can. If you are using a spanner wrench, TIGHTEN IT VERY SLIGHTLY as over-tightening will cause the threads to lock up forever and ever and ever and ever.


This click or thump occurs as you tilt and the inner bearing races slide up the inside of the gimbal, and "top out".


Good luck, let us know how it goes.



Peter Abraham, S.O.C.

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