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Zephyr out of alignment.

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Hey guys,

I just got my new Zephyr in and I love it, but after my second shoot with it I noticed that the top stage and base are out of alignment by about three degrees. Does anyone know if this is something that I can adjust or does it need to be fixed by Tiffen? I looked and looked but for the life of me couldn't find any adjustments that wouldn't require taking the whole thing apart. Thanks!

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hey ariel

i had a similar issue with an archer 2 back in the day. it was only repairable by sending to tiffen. they have been good about loaner rigs in the past (if you are in Los Angeles or New York, cant speak to elsewhere).


if you are on the west coast i recommend a trip to tiffen and a quick tour



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Hi Ariel - I had the same issue with mine, contacted support and they informed me that you can indeed align it yourself. I'm on the east coast and didn't want to deal with shipping.


Anyway, the knurled plastic cap on the bottom can be carefully pried upward, and it will reveal the allen bolts that hold the bottom section on. The cap is very TIGHT, so you need to pry between it and the flanged piece below it with a very thin screwdriver or similar tool.


Once the cap is lifted, there's I think 4 allens in there, just loosen and align it so the top and bottom and coplanar. Tighten everything up and you're back in business.


Good luck!


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Thanks so much guys! I'm glad to hear there's an option to adjust this. That makes it way easier than having to send it in. All fixed and ready to get back to work!!

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