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New 5" StarliteHD OLED smart monitor

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Low-mode bracket: I am not familiar with the Abracam bracket.

Our office modifies the factory Yoke & slanted bridge so you can set it up in normal or low-mode.

In low-mode the monitor front drops just below the rods.

I will send you a photo to your direct email as I cannot post photos here (not sure why).

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Guessing they don't use a follow focus MDR in France?

...or they use a Betz Tools top stage.


Marianne, do you have any pictures of the yoke you were talking about?

Also is there a list of the cameras the StarliteHD would get the record trigger from (not with timecode)?


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Hi, if files recorded on StarliteHD are editable in most popular software? My friend said no, there are some .mov files on SD card but he couldn't open it. Is that truth?

Does SDI output work during playback?

Need fast answer, thank you in advance.


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SDI output during playback will show the live image coming into the monitor (if any), not the playback image.

That is on the list of things to add but it requires a hardware modification...

I am not sure why your friend could not open the files and load them into a software. There is no reason for this.

We have a list of recommended SW on the USA website to open/convert the files.


You'll need to register to our website to access this section.


I hope this helps.

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