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'B' rig, Flyer vs Flyer LE

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I'm in the process of purchasing my first proper rig ( probably an Archer2...see my other thread ;) ) and have been considering getting a small rig to tide me over while I finalise the purchase (my old rig has given up the ghost) and to use for small student/dSLR type shoots where the Archer would be a bit OTT. I'd like a Flyer LE but there does not seem to be many around for sale, but there are a few Flyers knocking about. I was wondering, are the enhancements in the LE worth waiting and paying a bit extra for if it's just going to be a 'B' rig or is the original Flyer close enough to make it not worthwhile, especially if I have an Archer2 as the main rig? Any experiences with either would be great to hear about, thanks!



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thanks guys, and those that PM'ed me too! the unanimous advice is not to bother with a small B rig so I will take that on board. It makes perfect sense thinking about the points you all make, mainly that a Flyer cannot be used as a backup to an Archer and I can fly the smaller cameras on the Archer with a weight plate anyway so not really any need for a smaller rig. I will bide my time and allocate the money towards kitting out the Archer with accs, cables, etc :)





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