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Weight Plate for Transvideo RainbowHD7

Thomas Crescenzo

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Hi fellow ops,

I'm thinking of buying the rainbow 7" and wanted to ask you all if the screen is "transreflective" or do you find that you can see reflections when in daylight situations?

Any other info is welcome...

Thanks guys!!




I don't believe any of Transvideo's monitors are transflective. Many of their screens are optically bonded to eliminate internal reflections, but the Rainbow HD is not available with a bonded screen.


I use the Rainbow HD SBL and it's a great monitor with good brightness. On bright days you will probably see reflections. On very bright days I tend to use a monitor hood... possibly out of habit, I don't recall attempting to shoot without one on a bright day.



If you are located within driving distance of Newark DE, feel free to contact me to see the Rainbow HD before you buy.

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