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Help me spend my money

Nils Valkenborgh

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Last week on a rather demanding job, my trusty old transvideo sd monitor failed, the whole screen turned white, several reboots of the camera, decimator and the monitor didn't help. I resorted to use my backup monitor (panasonic sd).


So now I'm looking to make the investment towards a decent, bright HD-monitor. Therefor I've come here to ask some real world experiences towards a selection of monitors. Pricewise I won't be able to afford a transvideo XBL or an XCS TB7, otherwise this whole post would be irrelevant. as it stands now, this is the selection I had in mind.


Cinetronic Gen1 $1530

SmallHD $2999

refurbished Transvideo 6" SBL Classic $2926


The Cinetronic seems to good to be true, especially at that price point, the Transvideo is a refurbished model so it might be less futureproof and the SmallHD seems like the best all-arounder.


I have read numerous amounts of forum posts concerning every monitor I'm considering, and I'm still torn. I've used the Transvideo in the past and I absolutely know it's a very decent monitor, but on paper, both the SmallHD and the Cinetronic seem to beat it.







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Gen1 I absolutely love mine, better viewability than anything made by Transvideo or SmallHD, better transreflective coating, perfect weight for big rigs and big cameras adds a rather welcome bit of pan inertia in my opinion.


Buy the yoke from Cinetronic, but get your monitor bracket from Optical support and have them modify the yoke to the same specs as my one, it makes it super stiff, zero flex or bounce and it's very adjustable too.


I run mine co-planar which I have grown to love also an you can't really do with any other monitor without compromising viewability.

With it set in a coplanar position I still have a perfectly viewable image in all operating positions and only have to rotate it within the yoke for most low-mode shots.

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Transvideo for me.


The level is awesome.


Can't beat the customer support.


I honestly believe that if I was in a spot they would ship me one to use overnight until mine was working again. I don't know if they would, that's just how they strike me.


A lot like GPI Pro Systems. Shirt off their back attitude.



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