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Andre Trudel

Tape issues

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Hey everyone, hope 2014 has been a great year.


I have an issue and hope the community can help me out with information on options. I went to the Steadicam workshop in 2007 and shot the entire thing on a small Canon mini dv camcorder. I ended up with 7 mini dv, SD tapes. 1 Sony and 6 JVC’s. I’ve recently been set up with a final cut station and a Panasonic DVX100A as my digitizing deck. I digitized the Sony tape with no problems whatsoever but, when it came to the JVC tapes the picture was perfect but the Time code and audio are intermittent and off. I ran a head cleaner in the camera and nothing changed. After inspecting the actual tapes and comparing the Sony to the JVC, I could see that all my JVC tapes are warped on the edges. The cause is naturally from 7 years of storage in non-optimal conditions. Here’s the thing, when I look at the tape uncovered, it’s fine at the rollers (edges of the tape.) The tape immediately starts to flare on the edges as it leaves said rollers. I hope my description makes sense.


With the tape exposed, I can put the top of my nail on the back of the tape opposite to where the head would read it and it straitens right back up until I let it go. Have any of you ever dealt with this issue? I would really like to have that footage with audio back. Maybe you know of a restoration house or a mini dv deck that is capable of pushing the tape against the head? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. That information and experience is so invaluable. Thanks again for your time.

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Find a Duplication house in your area, They may have some different broadcast professional tape decks that would play the tape back, If there is a bad crease in the tape and it's causing playback issues, they may have one with tracking capabilities like in the older professional S-VHS decks and they would be able to record it on some sort of media that you could have, although any dub house will tell you, they will not be responsible if their deck eats your tape. Good Luck

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