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Chris Callarman

Master Makeover

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Just finished a couple of mods to my Master Elite and thought I would share.

After years of running external coax for HD and using a crappy monitor setup that was very limited and wouldn't allow me to dynamic balance (unless I added a bunch of weight to it), I finally got around to doing some upgrades to the old workhorse.

I removed and replaced all of the original monitor hardware, removed the lower electronics module and I/O panel, built a new I/O on the upper K section, and
added 2 HD-SDI lines and a tally up the post.

So far so good, everything works as expected and the rig balances perfectly. Even better news was the cost of the whole project which came in at under $350 (for the monitor hardware and connectors).




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The yoke is made from the same rods and hardware that I used for the bracket, I simply drilled holes in the ends of the yoke arms for the mounting screws.


I run a Hyperdeck under the monitor and the plastic squares are part of the mount for that. Additionally, I drilled the mounting holes in the plastic at the CG for the monitor/Hyperdeckdeck combo, so tilting the monitor would not affect the sled balance.

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