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Falling at a Football Game

Tomas Szklarski

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Hey everyone,


Haven't been here for awhile but I had to add mine.


I was running forward chasing two kids on a music video. I stepped off a brick patio on to what I thought would be grass. Turns out my first step was on a hidden rock that of coarse rolled under my foot at full speed. The rig shot out a bit and that was all she wrote. I was KO'd for about a minute. The rig hit the ground first and did a flip. My first AC picked up the rig and kind of made it more presentable for me when I woke up. Of coarse that's the first thing I asked about when I came to. When they said don't worry about that for now, I knew it couldn't be good. It happened so fast the spotter couldn't do a thing. Total damage to my rig $11,000. Camera $7,000. Me- a bruised head and ego. We had a behind the scenes crew, who of coarse caught the whole thing. If I have time I'll load it up.


Greg Code

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The Best news is, its behind you. I am sure you wont be falling again any time soon. We all learn the hard way. I still have a scare on my elbow from a full speed run wipe out about 15 years ago. I think its the only way to truely understand ones perameters. Glad your ok,


PS, get a better spotter. Always wear pads on run shots.


PSS, Avoid run shots... hard mount (just kidding, sort of)



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That is a scary piece of videotape. I'm glad you are doing okay. As for the rig, meh- that's what insurance is for.


My scars are from falling over when stepping up fast and catching aluminum diamondplate in my shin. Trotting, not full-bore run. Still, I fell right over onto the raised platform....and the person I was shooting sat down at his desk and went on air immediately live on t.v. The spots were for MSNBC. Ouch. had to lay there, with the rig against the platform, blood running into my shoe...till the guy went off air. ( Only about 90 seconds thank god ).


It sounds as though you were operating with due diligence and the rig just got away from you. Jeff's right. Kneepads. Spotters. Western Dollies. :)


Heal up !!


Peter Abraham

New York

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