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CineLive Tally as power option for SmallHD monitor?


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hey yall

i recently picked up a SmallHD DP7 Pro OLED. It came with a 4-pin lemo - hirose power cable, which i wasnt planning on using, but then I realized that the 4-pin lemo fits into my CineLive Tally connector. The tally output on the sled (upper junction) is 12v. Is there any reason that this wouldnt work for my monitor? I am pretty ignorant about power, so I am hesitant to plug it in, as I just dont wanna fry this new monitor.

If anyone has some experience with this, id love to know!



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Thanks for the glowing recommendation!





If you have a multi-meter, I would take a meter the cable to see how it is wired. Most of the 4 pin lemos that are on rigs (old pro, cinelive, glidecam gold, MKV, and I am sure more) are wired so that:

1) GND

2) +12v

3,4 do the other functions (generally video, but sometimes also tally. If it is tally generally only pin 3 is used.)


So that all being said, I would be fairly confident that it would work, but I would definitely check it with a meter first.

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I'm speaking to Curt about an artemis system that can be run through the post, there is a sensor input up top but I believe that only goes in to an on-screen style tally built into a monitor.


My monitor doesn't have this capability so I am looking at more universal style options that can somehow go down the post via a spare BNC line or something similar.


I'll keep you posted.

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I believe on Lower Junction Box, the only place a tally power comes out is through the 8-pin LEMO for monitor, but you could have someone make a cable that runs out to an LED light that powers off 12v as well as provides power to the monitor (and tally too?).


On my PRO2 sled, I use the AUX line as a tally line and use an old Proformer box placed in the AUX battery position. It draws 12v power off the PTAP of the C/M or C position battery, sends 12v power up the AUX power line, out the AUX port through a cable I made to a photosensor that I place on the camera tally light (taped over, covered up, etc). If light hits the sensor, 12v power is passed thru the photosensor, down the AUX GROUND line and back onto the GROUND pin back into the Proformer box. I then have two RCA style plugs that I can connect, one to the monitor tally input (the Cinetronic Gen 2 had a separate tally in, my SmallHD DP7 doesn't), the other to an LED I place on my monitor to see tally.


I think if you look up Peter Abraham's old wiring diagram for the tally system based on the 9v battery and photosensor, you get an idea of how tally lights can work. Then just get creative. In most situations, if you need a tally line, then you also likely have a dead line somewhere on your sled to use as tally.

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