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Walter F. Rodriguez

Preston DM1X vs Loon Video M-One Digital Motor

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Does the M-One have more torque and / or speed than the DM1X?


I have a Panavision job with vintage anamorphic lenses outdoors in freezing weather coming up in New York.


I have had issues getting the lenses to move quickly even with my DM1X.


Just looking for technical advice since I can't find torque and speed specs for the M-One Digital motor online.


Please, no rants about how bad customer service is from Loon Video. I already read all the post.


I just need a solution for this particular job coming up.


Thank you,

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The M-One is a strong and very substantially built motor. The torque of any system is not just the motor, the amount of current the motor driver can dish out is also an important part of torque, something to consider when thinking about motor torques.

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Sounds like you'd be better off with a DM1 or 2. They are slower then a DM1x but have more torque. I have no experience with the digital M-one.


You may also want an analog Bartech and SLD100 motor as a back up. I had to replace our preston on a very cold day with old anamorphics on a job in NYC once. The preston motors couldn't turn the focus ring in the icy cold temps. But we are talking a very very stiff lens. It was hard to turn by hand.

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