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Rich Cottrell

Pelican silica gel "hydrosorbent" packs

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Last night, i think i ruined my thanksgiving feast...

I fear that i over baked my aluminum Pelican brand silica gel packs.


I have the 40gram ones in the small aluminum pack that you are supposed to bake for 3 hours at 300deg to reset them if they turn pink.


I have been doing this on thanksgiving for years but last night i tried using my toaster oven for the first time ever. I forgot that it always tends to run hot so i figure the actual temp was closer to 350 when i first put them in.


Soon after putting 4 packs in the oven i thought i could actually smell them cooking so i turned down the heat but the damage might have been done.


After just on hour they were no longer pink, but now the crystals are more like blackish color. I do not remember this color for the past years with these silica gel packs.


so here is the question,

In order to figure out if they will still work, could i drop one in a glass of water?

If it turns pink, then i could assume the other 3 still will work.


But in doing this "test", did i demolish the one i dropped in the water?

or could i let it drip dry and then bake it again to reset it?


thanks for any input of ideas.


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Silica gel is CHEAP, so I would just toss any desiccant pack that I wasn't sure about. 100% silica gel kitty litter costs a few pennies per pound (pack into cloth or make an envelope from a paper towel), or if you're near a dealer who sells new Japanese motorcycles, they get at least one big desiccant pack in every shipping carton.



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