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Steadicam Pilot and Scout monitor mount modification to make the rig looks cooler and more functional.

Lau Ho Ming

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I recently just made a custom mount for my Steadicam Scout rig to make it looks more like a professional rig.

I designed a simple bracket and I found a CNC machine shop to mill the parts for me.

But they usually build parts in a reasonable quantity. So I built 10 of them.


The bracket for to clamp a pair of 15mm rods on the Steadicam pole is finished and worked flawlessly.

I'm planning to design a monitor yoke too. But it is not quite economical to build 10 sets of them while I only need one.


The benefit of this modifcation is that the monitor position are now more flexible and independent of the battery position like the Zephyr.

Not only that you can adjust the height of the monitor too. Also it is now possible to adjust the moment of inertia of the rig.


So I'm looking for people with a Pilot rig or Scout rig to see if anyone would be interested in this modification.

I'm not looking to earn any money I just want some people to share the production cost :D


Each set should include:

1.)15mm bracket pole clamp

2.)Adjustable monitor yoke for Marshall/Steadicam 7" HD Monitor.

3.)A pair of 15mm rods


And I believe the cost for each set + Shipping should be under USD$150.

Please tell me if any of the Pilot and Scout owners are interested in this. If enough people are interested then I will design the monitor yoke and build it.

There will be around 8 sets available because I will be building 10 sets and I will keep one set for spare.


The picture above showing the modification. I don't have a monitor yoke yet so I used some 15mm bracket and a ball head to mount the monitor.

I didn't want to take the picture in the toilet. But it is the only place here with a bright background lol.



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Herman: I was thinking to design the yoke only for Marshall monitor because the Pilot HD and Scout HD all use Marshall HD Monitor. But I just came up an idea for adjustable yoke. I will try to draw it in CAD software to illustrate the design.


Andrew: The diameter of the post(lower section) of my Scout HD is 23.9mm and I believe they are using the same carbon fiber post for Pilot, Scout and Zephyr. Do you have a caliper to measure the post to see if all posts are the same?

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Here comes a "prototype" of the adjustable monitor yoke. It is possible to adjust the yoke to accommodate different monitors as long as there are 1/4-20 threads on the sides like the Marshall and TVLogic.


Randy I believe the smallhd ac7 doesn't have mounting threads on the sides of the monitor. So I believe the most simple way is to mount it using some 15mm bracket and a strong ball head like in my previous picture.


I'm not sure about the post size of the Flyer LE. But my Scout HD lower section post is 23.9mm diameter. You can try to measure your post to see if it is the same.


After I finish the CAD drawing I will send it to the CNC Machine guy for a quote. Then if enough people show interested I will start building them.


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Hi, I received the quote from the Machine Shop.

The total cost for each set will be USD200 include shipping.

The modification works on Steadicam Pilot and Scout. Possibly Flyer LE. And Zephyr(Althought there's no point to use it on Zephyr)


This upgrade allow the Pilot and Scout to:

-Independent adjustment of monitor position and battery position.

-Adjustment of panning inertia.

-Easier to achieve dynamic balance.

-Adjusting monitor angle will have minimal effects on rig balance.

-Easier to set up monitor angle for Low Mode operation.


Each set includes:

1.)Aluminium alloy CNC Post clamp bracket.

2.)Adjustable Monitor yoke(Aluminium Alloy) with 15mm x 200mm Carbon Fiber Rod. (1/4-20 threads on the side of the monitor REQUIRED. e.g. Steadicam 7" HD Monitor, Marshall 7" HD Monitor, TVLogic monitors, SmallHD DP6/DP7)

3.)A pair of 15mm x 300mm Carbon fiber Rods.

4.)2 x Thread mount adapter for Marshall/Steadicam 7" HD Monitor.


Please send me a PM if you are interested. If enough people show interested I will contact the machine shop.

Once they are ready I will test it and post pictures and results again.

Then payment can be made through paypal and I will ship them out.

The cost for building 10 sets of them costs around USD $2000. So I'm basically just looking for people to share the cost price together.

Consider it a crowd funding project. I've always want to try to make my own professional accessories.


For your reference, The steadicam monitor cable costs USD$300 each hahaha.


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