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Cinetronic payment and delivery disputes

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Sorry to start another Cinetronic thread, but after a few trips to my bank, this might help myself as well as others in my position.


Feel free to add a post to this list if your currently trying to get a refund from Cinetronic due to "Non Delivery"


In the past I was only able to get a reply from Chris after I had posted something on the forum. I hate to hang my dirty laundry for literally the world to see, but thats all business now...

(Or in this case, bad business.)


If you have not ordered from film-stuff or cinetronic, please be careful.

rich cottrell







Here is what i just had emailed the team at cinetronic:

Dear Cinetronic, Film-Stuff, and Chris Bangma,

I placed an order [#140908-152603-7406] on September 8th, 2014 and paid in full for a Gen2 Steadicam monitor.
Just hours before I placed this order I was told "Delivery would be 4-5 weeks currently."
On Oct 10th, 2014, I asked about the status of this order, and I was told:
"We are still waiting for screens to come in." and,
"We are hoping in the next couple weeks."
After that, there were many failed attempts to get in touch with your company.
You never delivered on your original quote of 4-5 weeks, and you never delivered after an additional month, so:
On Nov 12th I called twice to cancel this order due to Non Delivery. I left a voice message both times.
I also emailed on November 12th to cancel this order due to Non Delivery.
It is now December 12th, 2014, and again I am asking for this order to be cancelled and to have the $3,195.41 refunded.
I have filed a "Cardholder Dispute" with my bank regarding this transaction.
TD Bank is currently attempting to retrieve my funds.
Film-stuff should NOT ship this merchandise.

I am greatly disappointed in the manner this has been handled so far by Cinetronic and Film-Stuff.
Please cancel this order and issue a refund.
Film-stuff should NOT send any merchandise for any reason.
Any package sent will not be accepted unless given written authorization first.
Richard Cottrell
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Thanks for asking.


To answer simply: NO.


I have never gotten any further contact from Cinetronic/Film-Stuff.


I am waiting for the outcome from TB Bank’s dispute investigation.


[To be honest, I posted this thread to partly cover my ass. ]

In the past, Chris has not responded to simple information requests when I used my order number in the subject line of the email, but if I used a different way [ie this forum or an email with the subject replying to a pre-sales email] I might get a response.


TD Bank had processed my initial dispute [via a branch’s “Store Supervisor”] but the disputes department wanted more information.


After talking with a branch’s “Vice President”, she thought it was important to make sure I document that the company [in this case Cinetronic/Film-Stuff] has been notified yet again that I want to cancel this order and they are strictly NOT to send any merchandise.


So I emailed Chris agin, posted here, and used their company’s web site to tell them the same thing.


The last contact I got from Chris/Cinetronic was before Thanksgiving.


I do not have high hopes.

Honestly, have already had a conversation with my accountant about when Cinetronic goes bankrupt.


The way i see it right now, if Cinetronic can not deliver on existing orders, and if they are still trying to get people to pre-pay for new products (that they have yet to manufacture)… at some point this is going to catch up with them.



If I lived in CA, I would be wondering about small claims court, but in this case I live in PA and need to move on with operating already.


If all else fails, this will be a “business loss” for my company. I am incorporated so thats how it will work.


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A lesson was learned, but i have some positive news to report...


I got a letter from my bank last week.

Looks like TD Bank came through for me.

The bank issued me a credit for the full amount that I never got back from Cinetronic.


While I am happy with the outcome, the amount of time I waisted over this whole situation just stinks. I find it personally disrespectful and morally reprehensible.


I encourage any fellow operators who were put in a similar situation by Cinetronic, not to take Chris Bangma's excuses as a final say all.

We are a small, yet global community. Small companies still need to play by certain rules of business.

rich cottrell

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