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David Montroni

Gear Labeling and Organization

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What are the best ways to label your gear? I'm looking into engraving gear with a name and contact info, either by hand or have someone do it. I'm be afraid that stick on labels would not be permanent enough. Does any one have some advice? I want to label all the cases and each piece of gear - arms, sleds, monitors et al.

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Hi David,


Invest in a good P-Touch label maker and a lot of tape in different sizes and colors. Also get a heat shrink gun and heat shrink so you can seal the labels on cables. I try to have all my cables labeled and sealed when they're made but to retrofit it's really easy to use needle nose pliers to stretch the inside of skinny heat shrink to fit it over connectors and slide it on. I put the cable ID on the cable itself and then a STARLING on the barrel of the connector and they both get heat shrinked with clear.


As for the rest of your gear as long as you clean the surfaces with denatured alcohol it will stick and stay pretty well.


Like Victor said laser is perfect but a problem if you sell.



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For bigger parts of your gear you could do laser etching on small metal plates like those you have on car and stick them on with 3m double sided tape




Something like that, and you can always remove it.


My first post on the forum hope it helps.

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(Holy resurrected zombie thread, Batman!)


I cheated.


I bought a dog tag debossing machine (Addressograph 350). Dog tags are stainless steel (won't rust or burn), can be bought with a single hole, double hole (perfect for attaching with wires or screws), slots (for straps), etc. They fit 5 lines of 15 characters each.



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