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New Boland DayBrite

Gary Litwin

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Hey everyone,


Hope all is good with all of you...?!


We (Boland) are thinking about the possible re-creation of the wheel. Well, maybe not exactly, but at least of the ultimate SC monitor. Not an overnight process of course...but you all have been so supportive of our BVB07 that we want to do something even better for all of you.


So...we'd love to hear your thoughts and wish list. Size, LCD properties, built-in features and abilities (far beyond that of mortal men and women :-) Etc Etc


Anything you'd like to see changed or added! Please feel free to let me know....


Many thanks,


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Better level. Working Tally

The tally works on the current monitors. It uses an open collector, which means that it the tally pin has to be disconnected or left "floating" when the tally is off. When the tally is activated, you can pull the signal high or low to activate the tally light. The problem I've seen with their approach is that analog tally cables won't work, and neither will a microcontroller without an open drain output.

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