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Sachtler Vest ACT2 Where do the springs go?

Adam Smith

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So I purchased a used Sachtler ACT2 Vest from over seas.

Long story short the vest was broken down by the packaging company and taken apart for shipping!

Everything down to the middle spar (chest plate) where they took off the allan keys.

In opening the package with the middle spar (chest plate) I was very lucky to find 2 springs the size of my fingernail for God's sake fall out onto the counter.

I believe they belong in the small metal piece at the bottom of the middle spar as seen in the pic provided because that piece is now loose, but I am not sure.

I cannot find a schematic or manual for the vest or any help really. I have a few calls out but no contact back.

If anyone owns or knows this vest and knows where these springs belong or if I am potentially missing other VERY SMALL parts please let me know!


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Hello Adam,


you are right this two screws are a part of the silver safety block.

Now I hope you still got the 6 other screws, which you will need to mount the bended hip plate.

Please place the screws into the smalls holes of the safety block.

Now place the bended hip plate over the 6 threads and start withe the 2 screws at the lower end, there where the 2 springs are.


If you need more help, please contact me under




Cheers Curt


Still don't understand why the vest had been disassembled :-)

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