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Hot and Cool


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Some pictures from my latest shooting: a Cool girl and a Hot girl :blink: , they meet in Bangkok..... oh, it´s about potato chips...... B)


Look for my focus puller in the smoked-up Cool-set....

Very scary to walk backwarts there, I couldn´t see my feet or the bottom of the rig and there were boxes with fish on the ground.


Pictures by Pat and Bastiaan.



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Yo rob (seems like your company is still of a high standerd).

I noticed the arm post and was wondering about them.

I'm quite short about 5"6 and quite often have to adjust my arm tension to get the rig a little higher for lankys.

Wonder if i could get an extension to fit my flyer setup ?



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The girls were definately real! :D


About the arm posts, I like to have my arm in the middle position, springwise, so it gives me the most up and down movement possible, without hitting the end stops.


Also, I have the arm attachment low on my vest, that feels better. Combined with me being a shorty (1,75m) I need long arm posts and I found some stainless steel rods (heavy but strong) that can give me the extra lift to get an overshoulder on actors that seem to grow taller and taller.... (These girls were not that tall, around my height, which is for an asian girl tall allright, but not for white girls nowadays.)


I guess, for the flyer you need to go to a metal workshop and have someone look at it. He might make you a longer tube. The longer, the stronger it should be, mine is full St.Steel, an aluminium tube won´t do with 35mm camera´s.

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Hey Rob;


Do you need an external batt (the one that your assistant carry ) to power your rig? what's that for?





:(That was because of the batteries I have, or better had, as I just switched to Dionics. But those were held up at Customs so we had to use the normal 24V block batteries for the camera.....

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