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Michael Hauer

This guy just called the entire camera department "cotton balls" between the director and his vision

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...so, cotton balls...how`s your day?




btw, content wise the video was crap because with the bad operating it almost looked like pre-stabilization/pre-steadicam days...

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Screw this guy. He has done nothing in this industry. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2491081/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 Here's what everyone should do. Contact Movi and say


"Why dont you post videos featuring real people that actually make movies, that people give a shit about using the movi. Not a bunch of hacks that have never worked on real set and only have one credit on IMDB"


If I was at NAB thats what I would walk up and ask.


I am not saying that its a terrible product. Im just saying the only people I see them posting videos of using are bunch of amateurs.


Here is his website if anyone wants to contact him. http://www.chasejarvis.com/#s=0&mi=1&pt=0&pi=1&p=-1&a=-1&at=0

and wow he made a video about himself on is "ABOUT" page...



Another cotton ball messing up this asshole's vision.

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Wow. What a massive insult to every crew member. I think Chase needs to shove some kerosene-soaked cotton balls past his starfish and then perform a "fine-arts" dance by a bonfire.

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We are better than this.

We are better than the narcissistic cloistered mind that produced the remarks that have stung us.

We are better than the snark.


We are better than the base recommendations of physical abuse.


In fact, we are so much better than the sadly narrow minded person whose words have wounded us that the very best thing we can do is go out every day and earn the true and positive respect of the people who have hired us.


We are gifted to be in the position to bring our entire creative force to bear in every scene, to every line of dialogue, at every location and in every set-up.


We are given the honor of elevating the moment, of making the viewer hold their breath, of picking the proper pace, frame and movement through space.


If we're as good as our word, then we are both artisans and craftspeople.




We are better than this.

Somos mejores que esto.

Nous sommes mieux que cela.

ونحن أفضل من هذا.

Wir sind besser als dieser.

Είμαστε καλύτερα από αυτό.

Siamo meglio di questo.

我々 はこれよりも優れています。

Vi er bedre end dette.

אנחנו יותר טובים מזו


Ons is beter as dit.

Wij zijn beter dan deze .

हम इस से बेहतर हैं।

Við erum betri en þetta.

Estamos melhor do que este
Мы лучше , чем это.

Biz bu daha iyidir .

Yr ydym yn well na hyn.

우리는이 보다 더 낫다.

We are better than this.




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I agree don't give this young man an audience.


He may or may not be just guilty of making young man mistakes


I haven't looked at video, no need.


Maybe this guy will be lucky enough to survive to understand how to make a living.



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According to Wikipedia, Janice, he is 43, which I don't think qualifies for the "young man mistakes" exemption. He appears to be an accomplished working still photographer and also directs commercials, which is presumably where he is frustrated by all of the cottonballs between him and his vision.

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