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steadicam ultra 1 for sale.

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i'm selling my much loved and very well maintained ultra 1. selling arm, vest, sled (IDX upgraded) with 8 batteries (6 x ELH9 + 4 x EL10) and 1 x (4 mount) similtainious charger + one x (2 mount) consecutive charger.


purchased 2003.


arm was reconditioned/rebuilt by steadicam at the start of this year. top stage was rebuilt about 3 years ago by lemac in melbourne has had light use since.


one year old Ikan high nit steadicam specific monitor.


gear has been well looked after and is a good looking kit. there are numerous cables, power for arri, red, sony + various accessories loads of mounting (hill) bracketry. hard mount for car/bike rigs.


rig in original case - batteries, accessories, spares all in genuine pelicans. vest and arm in steadicam bags.


bolt wireless Tx/Rx with 2 x receivers.


i also have a preston fiz kit with three motors and micro force controller. i was going to hold onto this but would consider selling as package.


the total value of all components new would be over 100k (not including preston) but i am realistic and looking for offers at this stage.


please don't hesitate to ask if you have any queries, thanks,









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