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EEMOV?? Heard of it?

Bo Hallen

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Heard of them, yes


Legit..... not by a long shot. Had to replace a guy that was operator a series of concerts with an eemov that shattered (more specifically, the arm) under a 7 pound load.


Buying the right type of gear is worth more than the money you think you save by buying these kind of chinarigs. You're better off looking at secondhand lightweight rigs such as Zephyrs, Flyers,...

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Thanks Nils,


I am currently looking into a Pilot AB mount system. I would prefer Scout with the 18 lb payload, but Pilot is more within my current budget. I suppose after some time operating I could save up for a big rig, but for the time being, I usually only operate on small, low budget indies and documentaries, mostly with my own GH4, I believe the Pilot is the best move.


I appreciate your input! : )

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