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*NEW* Anton/Bauer XCELL batteries!


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Has anyone actually played with these yet? I'm realizing that the PRO 3 recorder shelf will not fit (don't use it a lot but it can come in handy) and worse - I (like many) use a Cam-Jam (or other brand) sliding monitor bracket. I fear the rails will not clear the battery unless you extend the lower post and raise the monitor bracket which I very much don't want to do. I'm very interested in these batteries, but that might be a deal breaker for me.

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Alec, The batteries are very narrow, same width as the mounting plate. I don't know what the clearance is of the camjam bracket but I can imagine, after the atrocious G-batteries and their subsequent complaints, they have taken a lot of wishes and suggestions of operators into consideration. I've tried them at IBC on an Artemis and they flew nicely, a little more leg clearance. For now you can only get 90wh and 150wh models (in both AB and V-mount) but later this year they're planning to release 190wh's that have the same size as the 150's (or so I've heard).





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I'm referring to the clearance on all two rod sliding monitor brackets (see image). Yes, you can raise the monitor bracket but if you keep it on the inner center post that means keeping that post slightly extended. This combined with more weight isn't a good thing. Hopefully it is not an issue as otherwise these batteries look great.


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