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*NEW* Anton/Bauer XCELL batteries!


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Hi Jens,


There are quite a few differences, especially in the manufacturing process, that justify this price difference. First, the cells are very different. They are by the same manufacturer, however, the cells in the CINE 90 and 150 can handle up to 12amps of constant current, whereas any other battery on the market has a maximum of 10amps. Secondly, the CINE 90 and 150 are manufactured in the United States, whereas the Digital series are manufactured in Mexico (by Sanyo/Panasonic), so there is also a difference in labor prices. Lastly, the materials used are different and higher in cost at the moment. Once we are able to go into production and get these batteries moving in quantity, then we can review the pricing and hopefully be more competitive.


Every other battery on the market is made in Asia, or at least 90% of them are. Some may say they are "manufactured" in the USA, but in actuality, they are only "assembled". So, as you know, labor is a lot less expensive there, thus, the lower cost. Anton/Bauer works closely with Sanyo/Panasonic in order to make sure that all of the batteries meet the specs that our Engineering Team came up with to ensure high quality and life. Other companies will sub out the design work and then only purchase the item from the assembler.


I hope this sheds some light on it.






PS: I'm sure that you will see even more new stuff from Anton/Bauer in the near future... :rolleyes:

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