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Bo Hallen

Used systems complete?

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Good day everyone,


Does anyone have any used systems?? I am now interested in a Zephyr. First was Pilot, then thought about Scout, but now I want the Zephyr. Or a system with a 20lb+ payload, except any Flyers.


I stumbled upon an Atlanta producer on Craiglist who was asking $4700 for complete Zephyr V-mount system, 1 IDX battery and dual charger, docking bracket, hard case with wheels. $4700!!! I told this guy yes and had already arranged to move some money around, when we told me a Canadian buyer was flying down to personally buy the system because he wasn't able to wire the money and the seller wouldn't accept Paypal. I am sort of at a loss for words. It feels like this was the window that I had been waiting for. I am sure other opportunities will arise at the proper time.


Any feedback???



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Personally I think you need to take a 5 day workshop first!!


You're so anxious to get started that you're either primed to buy wrong gear because you don't know what you don't or miss opportunities.


You're also so eager we need you to work on your knowledge base because we can't answer every situation, they're just too many variables.


We can and will help a bunch but you need to get some more info first.




Beware buying quick it's easy to buy but it's hard to buy correctly when you're too anxious.


The Internet feeds this; fun of looking and imagining buying; the fun of thinking of owning; the fun of interacting with people based on the potential purchase; the excitement of finally buying; now the excitement of waiting for it to arrive; then it finally arriving!! Christmas!! Beware the traps!


Lastly if u buy this thing buy a plane ticket to the guy try it out and fly home with it. Same as fed ex!!



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Thank you Janice. I always appreciate your input. The price of thr gold workshop in whitesburg, GA is 3500. I suppose it is money well spent. I do want to take a workshop. But it is difficult making that decision when I see that 3500 being spent on a rig. Despite all my tedious and miniscule questions, I am not completely untrained. I will consider thrse options cadefully. I do get caught up in the excitement and anxiety of purchasing a rig. I just want to fly

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I bought a used Steadicam Master Series kit in 2008. It included everything from the whole rig system plus hard mount, cables, cases and even a Magliner. I paid €35K

I'm very happy with that purchase then, I have upgraded it quite a bit meanwhile but am planning to change the whole kit now. (wow.. 7 years..)

But I think I was lucky with the purchase and it has served me better than well. But I had operated before that for many years so I knew very well what I needed and wanted.


I hope you find your rig!


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