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Transvideo CineMonitor HD X-SBL

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Here's something fun I discovered about my HD6 X-SBL: the tally light works with the HD-SDI record flag! On most cameras, you can turn on the "Record Flag" over HD-SDI, and if you enable the monitor to detect, the red light tally and on-screen tally displays will trigger. Gives a little bit of extra confidence when you roll the camera to make sure you're still rolling.

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I love my X-SBL. I also love the little messages that get displayed when someone is too rough with the rig. Like overzealous camera assistants slapping new batteries on to the bottom of the sled.

"What did I ever do to you?" and "Why are you hitting me so hard?" are among my favorites. Is there any way to customize the messages?

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Hello all,


There is no Transvideo 8" X-SBL at 2000 Nits. When people publish an 8" X-SBL at 2000 Nits it is actually 1500 Nits (or it is a 6"...).

It is technically very difficult to "boost" the backlight output. You would see a noticeable increase in power draw (and heat being generated - not good). This would also result in shortening the lifetime of the backlight ( also not good).


In our office we have less than 10% of 8" for 90% 6".

Reversing the LCD: most body-rig operators like the monitor fairly flat or at a 45º angle. The X-SBL are assembled with this in mind. I would recommend to have the LCD reversed only if you shoot with the monitor upright.


The 6" X-SBL actually has a 6" 16/9 HD image. The screen size is bigger than 6".


I hope this is useful.


Marianne Exbrayat



Hi Marianne, about the screen size being 7" diagonally but not 16:9. This is the main reason i've held off buying a transvideo. There is so much dead space on the screen. The actual viewing area feels tiny. Are there plans to build a 16:9 7" display geared toward steadicam operators? Everything else about the monitor seems perfect.





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A 7" diagonal 16/9 image area will measure 6.125" horizontally and 3.5" vertically.

The 8" XSBL 16/9 image area measures 6.5" horizontally and 3.75" vertically - that is 12% bigger.

To get a 16/9 image area bigger than the 8" XSBL you would need to look at a 9" 16/9 image area.

A monitor with a 9" diagonal 16/9 screen has a housing that measures about 9.2" horizontally and 7.3" vertically.

The 8" XSBL housing is 8.5" x 7".

So by all calculations the 8" XSBL has a 16/9 image area that is 12% larger than a native 7" 16/9 and its housing is 12% smaller than a 9" 16/9 native monitor.

The feed-back we have had for many years from body-rig Operators is to minimize the horizontal dimension to avoid hitting door frames etc… The compromise integrates several factors:

1/ Smallest dimension horizontally- and no connectors/cables sticking on the side that interfere with Yoke brackets.

2/ Best performance in full sun

3/ Longevity of the backlight system and ability to perform under extreme (hot or Cold) temperatures.


The XSBL monitors are definitely designed to fulfill as many wishes from body-rig Operators as the most advanced technology allows.

I hope this information is helpful.


Marianne Exbrayat

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