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Slight issue flying MK-V Nexus inverted

Sam Law

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I'm the happy owner of an mk-v nexus sled. 2" 4 stage post with gen2 electronics. I fly the bottom battery rack inverted, and until recently I have been very happy with the decision to do so. I recently disassembled my sled, and since reassembling it, I cant seem to get the bottom electronics to screw on quite tight enough to the post. This has resulted in a few degrees of horizontal wiggle in my battery rack. I have yet to notice it cause vibrations in any of my shots, but i fear if left unchecked, it could lead to some. I fly a pretty fast drop time anyway and as a result it hasn't thrown off my side to side balance, but it definitely would be an issue with a slower drop.

It seems like the easiest fix is to switch back to flying un-inverted, I know a lot of nexus owners fly their sleds inverted though, so Id love to hear what you do to avoid the issue. I feel like I could get a wrench of some sort in to tighten it more, but i don't want to get the screw on ring too beat up, or risk bending it. I rarely disassemble my sled, but Id like to keep the option to, so I would prefer to avoid lock tight.





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I have a 1.5" post from MK-V with a similar ring. I use a rubber oil filter wrench to tighten it. Works really well and wont mar the metal.


similar to this one: http://www.amazon.com/BOA-BO13010-Constrictor-Aluminum-Wrench/dp/B0011E4QU4

(mine is cheap plastic though; still works!)

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Flying the rack inverted makes the sled basically complainer. You have limited adjustment of the battery rack compared to flying it normal, but using shorter rails that come with the sled, it puts the batteries at a very convenient distance from the center post. Because the sled is complainer, as long as the cameras center of gravity is over the center post the sled is in both static and dynamic balance. I always fly my monitor and my batteries the same distance from the center post, that way my sled feels the same every time I fly it, and muscle memory kicks in more efficiently, that's just my preference though.

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This is an early V1 nexus base and you made need the spacers (1mm each side)

I redesigned the base in the V2 & V3 versions slightly wider so this was possible - so if you want to invert your base and there is not enough room - I have spacers or just add 1mm on each side and you will be fine :-)

The V3 can also do 45 degs and there is an Alt battery mount

(If someone can let me know how to post photos I will show you)

or you can email me for them

Thank you


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