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Jens Piotrowski SOC

Backstage TR-04 cart with Steadicam Riser unit?

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Have you talked to Backstage? They don't have the TR-05 in stock but will probably make you one. I had one made a year and a half ago. It took like a month. Talk to Saul.

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I made my own. TR-04 Junior top and TR-04 Senior base. They have the same width for vertical posts. Two Speedrail base fittings bolted to the base at the proper spot. Made my own speedrail sliding cage to protect the rig. Better than the TR-05 in lots of ways to me. Rig sits well inside the base and is very protected. I don't like having the rig sit outside the length of the cart. Too easy to be damaged by "helpful" assistants or out of control grip carts. It also fits in elevators, etc.


Grayson Grant Austin, SOC



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