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2 Camera Iris Setup - Digital BFD Tx w/ 2 Fstop V2.1 Rx + Extras

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I have for a sale a nice two camera Iris setup. Or you can use this as a two channel system on one camera. Included is the following:


1 Bartech Digital BFD w/ 2nd channel side slider

2 PLC Electronics Fstop Wireless V2.1 Receivers

2 Ptap power cables

1 3pin RS Arri power cable

3 PV 2pin Lemo power cables

4 rechargeable Li-ion 9V batteries w/ case

1 two port battery charger

2 aluminum focus rings with 3 screws

14 focus mark strips

2 1/4 wave Rx antennae

1 1/4 wave Tx antenna

2 1/2 wave Rx antennae

1 1/2 wave Tx antenna

Original BFD circuit board (in case you want to remove the side slider)

900 MHz 6dBi HyperGain directional Yagi antenna w/ baby pin mount

300' of 50ohm BNC cable

Extra 50ohm BNC barrels

2 SMA to BNC adapters

Extra SMA connectors


Yellow Pelican Storm Case iM2100


No motor or motor cables.


I've had this setup for a little over a year and have used it on several shows. It has never been out of my sight and all of the gear is in great shape. None of it has ever been dropped and it has never been out of service due to damage or failure.


You can use this system to control the Iris on two separate cameras from ONE handset at video village. I put a lot of thought into this setup and it works. The Yagi antenna and cables work for extending the reach of this 900MHz system. It comes in very handy when video village is in front yard of a house and the cameras are in the back yard.


I'm downsizing my equipment and this stuff is all additional for me so this is the first to go. There is well over $7000 of equipment here. I'm looking for $5500 or a close offer. Equipment is located in Burbank, CA. I will deliver this equipment to any buyer which is reasonably close in the SoCal area. Or I can ship the stuff anywhere upon clearance of your payment. I prefer PayPal, cash, or a cashier's check if the deal is done in person. Thanks!!!

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Another member has just made me painfully aware of something. All this time my pricing has been incorrectly reflecting Canadian dollar prices. And with the current conversion versus when I purchased this all new, I'm taking a huge hit just on the current currency rates. Anyway, not your problem. So, at current U.S. prices there is over $5000 worth of stuff here, including all of the extras. I think that $4000 is a fair price for this entire package.


That being said I am open to all offers, now that I am aware of my mistake. This kit is in great shape and my currency conversion loss will be your incredible gain.


Thanks for reading.

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