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Michelle Bridges

A couple of new maintenance tutorials from PRO

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Hi Dennis,

Although you could probably get away with using carb cleaner we don't recommend it. We use a Miller-Stephenson product called Contact ReNu WITHOUT LUBRICATION!! Make sure you specify that it is without lubrication if you decide to order it. Pacific Radio in Burbank carries it and one can will last you quite a long time.




The shop uses Renolit ST-80 white lithium grease. What Jens recommended is just fine as well. I included the link of the product the shop uses but white grease is white grease. There is a guy on the forum named John Stout who has just purchased a case of this stuff and is offering the extra tubs for sale. One tub of this stuff will probably last you for your entire career.




The shop recommends using Arri oil on your gimbal and tilt bearing, but a good 3in1 oil, or light turbine oil will suffice as well. You can order the Arri oil directly through Arri in Burbank. They may even have it in stock.




Hope this is useful to you.


Thanks a lot Tommy. This is very useful.

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