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Walter Klassen Suspender Handheld Support

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Hi guys, I was doing some late summer clean out, found the Walter Klassen Suspender Handheld Support sitting around. I bought it used from Bob Gorelick couple years ago, he just used it once on a feature. Anyway, I bought it for an indie feature couple yrs ago, but never happened, so it has been sitting in my apt. I hope to find a good home for this little guy.

Here is the link to Walter's website, all the spec is there: http://shop.walterklassen.com/products/suspender-handheld-support



I'm asking for $2000. plus shipping.


If you have a Walter Klassen back mounted harness, it will fit. It is really well made. The item is currently in Atlanta GA. I will ship to anywhere in US and Canada. buyers take care of UPS or Fedex of their choice. please call or email me with any questions. kelly@nysteadicam-ar.com 9172154028. please email or text me directly, I rarely go on here... :-) have a good week guys!




EDIT: everything you see in the photos are in the package. it comes with a shipping case.







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