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WTB: Preston hu3 or Arri WCU-4

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Hey Rob,

I was a 1st AC and am looking to sell my ARRI WCU-4 complete FIZ system with 3 lens motors.

It is just under 2 years old and in mint condition.

Here is what I have with it.

WCU-4 handset with remote license

4 batts and charger

UMC-3a Receiver with 16x9 quick release shoe

3 arri lens motors sized for function.

CLM-2 for Iris

CLM-3 For Zoom

CLM-4 for focus

4 Blank Marking rings

4 Pre marked rings

Cables for ARRI Alexa classic, Amira, Epic, F-55 and also any camera with the Ptap power.

Hard shell case with the correct cut outs from A&S cases.

It is in mint condition…I have had since it was new in Feb. of 2014.

I am doing more shooting and find I am not using it.

I have around $28,500 into it. Looking for fair offers.

I can send pics if you are interested.



email me at: Apanetta64@comcast.net for pics if you are still looking

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