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Ryan Toussieng

XCS Telescoping Dual Rod Monitor Bracket Issues

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Hey friends! Ive been having some difficulty with this bracket issue so I thought I should take it to the forum. It seems like a simple thing, but Ill take as much advice as I can to make this work.


I just purchased a rig that included an XCS telescoping dual rod monitor bracket. Ive been trying to use my smallHD DP7 High Bright with it, but the screw in the mount keeps spinning, not allowing the monitor to tighten fully. I can take the mount apart and use a tool to screw in the mount to the monitor, but it is time consuming and rather backwards if you ask me.


Im thinking the best option is to Loctite the screw in there, but Im afraid the monitor will become tight past or before a perfect level, and there isn't a way to adjust the mount itself if that occurs. (Just a horizontal 360 axis and a monitor pan). Ive been racking my brain for a solution but I've come up empty.


P.S. And that kip lever is in a really stupid spot.


Any ideas to make this bracket easier to work with? Thanks everyone.


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Ryan -


Glad to see you've got a rig! Quick answer - pull the kipp handle off - unthread it all the way, and that top portion with the screw in it should come off. Bet you that there's an Allen head under there you can use to tighten the screw into your monitor.


Edit: Oops, didn't see you already tried this. (The curse of posting from a phone) I think that this is how it's designed - probably designed to not be attaching/removing your monitor on a regular basis. I know the bracket like this I made was meant to keep the monitor on there, not remove it regularly. Looks like something easier and quicker might be helpful then - perhaps even something like a CineLock system on top of this bracket? I know they're generally a big hit with assistants trying to get monitors on and off of cameras easily/quickly.

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Hey Tom! Thanks so much, Im really happy with it! Just currently trying to make it work for me... little things like this.


A cinelock is actually a great idea for a fix... I know when I'm assisting a cinelock is my favorite thing when it comes to swapping things quickly!


Im going to look around for a more proper system. The CamJam yoke is looking pretty sweet right now.

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